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LED sales manager

description of job: 
1. Managerial position
2. According to the company strategy and market promotion plan, responsible for developing the Overseas market;
3. Participate in the formulation and establishment of sales team planning and product market positioning planning, responsible for the daily management of the team and team assessment, training and incentives ;
4. Responsible for formulating LED market research report and marketing plan;
5. Analyze and forecast sales market information, grasp market trends, introduce new ideas and strategies, develop company product marketing development goals and marketing plans and implement them;
6. Lead the team and existing customers to maintain good relations of cooperation, mining new customers;
7. Reached the company's annual sales target and payment, strictly control the cost of sales.

job requirements:
1.28-40 years old, college education, marketing, economic management, optoelectronics and other related majors (men and women are not limited );
3 years experience in LED industry marketing, or 5 years experience in sales in the electronics industry, 2 years working experience in marketing manager, with LED potential customers preferred.
3. LED and LED industry has a strong interest in or industry trends and mode of operation have in-depth insight, there is a strong market insight and sales planning capabilities, and realistic exploration of skills;
4. Strong sense of responsibility, strong organizational and coordination skills and decision-making ability, deep marketing knowledge and brand awareness, strong team building, organization and management capabilities and operational PR capabilities.
5. Good health, good professional ethics and professionalism, good at learning, writing skills, strong expression skills
6. Adapt to Overseas business travel (mainly in US and EU),
7. Conditions can be negotiated with the company to become partners

LED sales engineer
description of job
1. Responsible for sales of LED lamp light source from overseas, maintain existing customers and actively develop new customers
2. Complete the sales target set by the company;
3. Learn and fully understand the state of the market, promptly report the information and market dynamics of the adversary to superiors and put forward reasonable suggestions;
4. Formulate and implement customer sales payment plan, complete the payment back in time;
5. Establish a good corporate image, the company kept the commercial secrets
6. The company will give promotion opportunities based on individual performance and job performance

Job requirements
1.Colleague education, more than 1 year sales experience, LED Industrial or out door lighting sales experience is preferred;
2.Have a strong ability to work independently and social skills, good communication skills, coordination and teamwork skills
3.Flexible mind, natural conversation, interpersonal skills, have a good market development capability;
4. Hard working, passionate, responsible
5. Good health, ability to independently analyze and solve problems;
6. A driver's license is preferred. Female priority.
7. Welcome to the vast number of outstanding, passionate and dreaming graduates to challenge

Salary, benefits
1, pay structure: basic salary + commission + various awards (year-end bonus, new customer award, outstanding employee award, recommendation award, etc.).
2, benefits:
1) Free accommodation
2) The company buys accident insurance for its employees and purchases social insurance upon expiration of the probationary period.
3) According to the sales performance to give the year-end bonus;
4) Enjoy the statutory holidays prescribed by the state and enjoy the annual leave with pay according to the national standards;
5) Spring Festival holiday duration (10-15 days);
6) The company occasionally held various parties, such as party, travel, expansion and so on.

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