Product Warranty & Return Policy

Zisteled Co., Ltd provides warranty on all produced LED lights,
All products at least guaranteed 3 years warranty ,
and Part of them guaranteed 5 years warranty:
Zisteled warranty starts at the date of purchase and comes to an end after the warranty period expiration. If your product becomes defective, Zisteled will repair or exchange the defective product for free.
The warranty is only valid for the original purchaser.

Voided Cases:
* Product that has been modified by the user.
* Product was not installed or maintained according to manual or specification accompanied.
* Product was subject to unusual physical or electrical stress, misuse, or negligence.
* Product was non-defective or product defect was not related to Zisteled product functionality, including third-party modifications.
* Exceeding the limit of product capability, such as high temperature, improper power supply and any kind of component damages by customer.
* Other damages caused after receipt of product by customer.

Return Policy:
We allow the defective rate of our lights is below 1.5% in the shipping or application process.
1. We won’t repair or exchange the product one by one when the defective rate is below 1.5%; but we could send you the new ones or new fittings as replacement in your following order;
2. When the defective rate is more than 1.5%, we will analysis the problems first. If it is the product quality problem
caused from the producing craft, designed plan, materials or any other serious broken case, we would
* A: collect all the lights in the same batch back and repair them within 2 weeks;
* B: send all the new or repaired lights as replacement within 2 weeks after our QC & Service Team confirmed;
* C: Other plans both agreed by the customer and our Service Team.
3. Broken case cased from the shipping process. If there is any problem on our package design or cased by our own shipping agent, we will take the responsibility to handle this; and if it’s customers’ shipping agent, we will help the customers to deal with the problem.
4. We will be responsible for shipping payment of replacement products from our warehouse to the customers’ original address in the Proforma Invoice.

Warranty Claim Procedures
1. Prepare and provide following information
* A. Original invoice or invoice number issued by Zisteled;
* B. Defective items (including order number and product name) and quantity
* C. Description of the manufacturing defect, proofs of defect, e.g. photos and videos
* D. Date of purchase and, if already installed, date of installation

2. Contact Zisteled Customer Service Team or your cooperated sales representative .

* We will not reimburse or pay for unexpected costs or expenses, including without limitation of labor or other costs associated with removal or reinstallation of the product
* Any return without authorization of Zisteled will not be accepted.
* If return product is found to be damaged, missing parts, all the shipping fees and repairing payment will be charged.
* If return product is found to be non-damaged, the product will be returned to customer, at customer's expense, Please describe the problem(s) you've met in details and also send the original invoice or invoice number to john@zisteled.com or admin@zisteled.com , we'll handle it within 12 hours.

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